Momentis: An Actual Business Opportunity?

Merv Stevens

Is Momentis bound to be a successful MLM company or just another one of the companies that fail? You may be asking yourself what makes this network marketing company different from others. Momentis is the marketing arm of Just Energy founded in 2010 out of Dallas, Texas. This company currently does business in all 50 states, as well as most of the provinces in Canada, and has even moved into the UK.

What does Momentis Produce?

Momentis offers a wide variety of products to its customers. This MLM company provides residential energy, commercial energy, natural gas, satellite television, home internet. on the go internet, home phones, mobile phone apps, home security, energy management systems and home appliances.

The ideological difference between Momentis gas and electricity rates and other companies is that the prices are fixed. You don’t have to worry about a sudden rise in cost leaving you scrounging for money.

Getting Started with Momentis

Joining Momentis costs around $299. The startup fee will provide training, marketing materials, and certification to sell all the services Momentis offers.

In case you need a breakdown of how MLMs work here it is in it’s simplest form. You make money from product sales people and from the sales volume produced by those in your recruited downline. The more people you get under you, the more money you will earn.

It comes down to the same question that you have to ask yourself with any MLM company. Are you going to be able to find enough people to be interested in such a company? Are these people going to be able to recruit new team members?

Momentis: The Business Opportunity

Once you have signed up as a Momentis customer, you are considered an independent business owner. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? That doesn’t guarantee you to make money though. The size of your income is based on how well you can recruit people to join with you. If you are able to successfully recruit, Momentis can really become a career.

As a business owner you are able to write off things such as dinners, travel costs, gas and many other business related things.

Is it worth you ask?

Building a Momentis Business: Are You Running out of Leads?

Most multi-level marketers fail because they run out of leads. You only have so many friends and family you can ask to join.

What are you going to do next? Are you going to knock door to door? There is an easier more effective way to go about getting leads than cold calling.

If there was a proven method to do so would you buy in? Too many people jump into these type of businesses with no real idea of how to market the product or business opportunity

In order to succeed in network marketing, it is vital that you have an effective recruitment strategy. Luckily for modern entrepreneurs, there are systems, tools, and training readily available to help you succeed in multi-level marketing. I hope this Momentis review helps you make an appropriate business decision.

By: → Merv Stevens

Getting to Know Narrow Boats

A uniquely interesting way of spending another day under the sun would be to set sail towards islands unknown. If that proves to be a bit too much, you can just go on adventures down the town waterway with friends and family. What better way to do that than with a narrow boat of your preference.

Narrow boats, as the name suggests, are long, narrow water vehicles designed to steer the gentle and consistent courses of canals and water systems in Europe. They are boats with big capacity and are oftentimes used for shipping cargo across small bodies of water or used for leisure cruising and sight-seeing for tourists. Since its invention in the 1800’s, these boats, otherwise known as longboats, have evolved in appearance and purpose.

These calm giants are products of original British genius and its elongated structure is due in part to the fact that it needs to pass through Britain’s narrow waterways with ease. To compensate for the horizontal lack of space, it was built to have longer ends to accommodate more passengers and make more room for cargo. By dimension, they are not to be more than 7 feet wide. The maximum length should only be 70 feet to avoid getting stuck in crossings and curbs.

The longboats, because of their roomy interior, have been used by some people as houses–although very rarely. Owners have the tendency to customize their boats if it is intended for personal use. They are very chill machines. These boats can only go as fast as 4mph which is equivalent to the average person speed walking. Increasing speed will produce too much ripple that might cause soil erosion on nearby banks.

With narrow boats you can venture into new business. You can put them up for travel companies to rent or you can open a cruising hotel of your own.

The specifications for modern longboats vary according to the type, but usually they run with modern diesel engines. Inside the boat, the following facilities are a standard: internal bedroom, central heating, toilet and shower, small oven area, and other necessary kitchen appliances. Additional features such as wireless internet could be installed. A narrow boat is an investment on its own. You just have to think of fresh ways to utilize it.

To operate a narrow boat, however, you will need to comply with the necessary paperwork as required by the government. Like any means transportation, owners of longboats need to acquire a license for operating it. There involves several kinds of legalities. Such would include a longboat insurance, while a separate boat safety insurance is another thing. Complying with these requirements is not enough allow you to navigate through the canals of England. Last but definitely not the least, you must apply for a British Waterways license.

These are the basic things you need to know about narrow boats before you finalize your purchase. There are many boat sales website that offer more information brand new and second hand boats.

By: → Doyle Christensen

The ABCs Of Grand Canyon Raft Tours

Although traveling can be terrifically exciting, some destinations don’t offer many activities. When you head on out to the Grand Canyon, you will find that you never run out of things to do, especially when you take note of the Grand Canyon water rafting tours you can find.

1-Day Rafting

Most people picture whitewater rafting when they think of rafting in Grand Canyon National Park, and that’s understandable. But those kinds of adventures last anywhere from 3 to 20 days. For some people, this is to much time or too expensive. The alternative? One-day float tours, which slowly wind down the Colorado River and make stops for swimming and easy strolls into secret side canyons.

Not everyone, has the time, inclination or level of physical fitness required for a white water river expeditions. Concerned? Then taking one of these one-day Grand Canyon smooth water float tours will be ideal for you. Families with children as young as four, seniors and those who enjoy calm river conditions tend to love these tours.

One thing you will find is that the South Rim of the Grand Canyon does offer some of the best water rafting tours. The first one starts out with a bus trip from Grand Canyon National Park Airport to Page, Arizona, passing through a two-mile tunnel to end at the base of Glen Canyon Dam. The three-hour float tour in a motorized pontoon boat begins at the dam’s docks and ends at Lee’s Ferry.

Deluxe Option

The second popular smooth-water Grand Canyon water rafting trip begins with a plane flight from the South Rim to Page’s municipal airport. There, participants are whisked away in a 4×4 for an exciting off-road excursion to renowned Antelope Valley. After passing through the same tunnel as the other tour, the river portion of the tour begins at the base of Glen Canyon Dam.

Floating down the Colorado River is a breathtaking experience. On this trip, you will pass the sandstone cliffs and even see Horseshoe Bend. Just a short distance down the river, you will end up reaching land and with a short walk have the chance to see some petroglyphs on the walls of the cliff. During your trip, you will experience even more of the natural beauty of the area.

Perhaps the best part of these water rafting tours is that they do include lunch, professional drivers, river guides and even return transportation. While going to the South Rim, you will have a chance to see the Painted Desert and the Navajo Reservation. Most of these excursions give you the opportunity to shop for authentic Native American handicrafts by stopping at the Cameron Trading Post.

Departure Points

These all day tours will typically begin at 7 AM. Shuttle service isn’t included, so you’ll need to make arrangements for your transportation to the airfield at Tusayan, Arizona. Fortunately, Tusayan is only ten minutes away from the hotels in Grand Canyon Village.

Best of all, you are encourage to swim while on these float trips. I suggest bringing an extra set of clothing along with sunscreen, sunglasses, a towel, a hat, and sneakers or sandals.

While whitewater rafting is the most publicized journey type, it is actually the slower water tours people prefer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why so many people look forward to the one-day smooth water float trips. Along with calmer waters, you will also have the chance to experience the riverbanks. If you’re traveling with active children, these opportunities are more than capable of keeping their interest.

By: → Luke Plunket

The Best Time For Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Keith Kravitz

Grand Canyon helicopters are one of the most exhilarating ways to see this magnificent natural wonder. Your helicopter will fly over many of the canyon’s highlights, but it can also take you below the level of the rim. It’s an amazing experience, but especially when you fly at the best time of day.

From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon air tours depart from Las Vegas and Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, Arizona. Helicopters flying out of Arizona go the South Rim, while flights originating in Vegas visit the West Rim. There aren’t any Grand Canyon helicopters that fly between the two rims, but travelers coming from Vegas can catch a 45-minute plane ride to the South Rim, then board Grand Canyon air tours on helicopters from there.

If you have a limited amount of time, a restricted budget, mobility issues, or you just want to get the flavor of the canyon, you can take one of the air-only Grand Canyon helicopters. These Grand Canyon air tours last about three hours from start to finish. But, if you can swing it, I recommend landing tours because you’ll see the canyon from the ground as well as from the air.

Mornings are the best times for Grand Canyon helicopter tours, and the earlier the better. I recommend booking a flight that takes off sometime between 7:00 am and noon. If you’ll be flying out of Vegas, you’ll need to check in at least 90 minutes before your flight takes off. If your tour starts at Grand Canyon Airport, make sure you arrive at least half an hour before your flight time.

Time of Day – Revealed

Morning helicopter tours are best for several reasons. First, you’ll have a smoother flight in the morning because the air isn’t as turbulent as it can be in the afternoon. Second, afternoon Grand Canyon air tours during the summer months are often canceled or postponed by the late-afternoon thunderstorms that roll into the area almost like clockwork. Visibility is also better in the morning, especially during summer because wildfires are frequent. Afternoon fires put out so much smoke that it’s more difficult to see clearly. Dust in the air compounds the issue by combining with the smoke and making the air even hazier. That same haze can, however, make sunset helicopter tours an awe-inspiring experience because the sun’s rays are accentuated on the cliffs and walls of the canyon.

If you’re considering West Rim helicopters that land on the canyon floor, try to avoid booking one that flies first thing in the morning. You won’t have much light at the bottom of the canyon early in the morning, especially during winter. Instead, try for a flight that starts around 8:00 am.

Make sure you dress appropriately for the climate. For summer tours I suggest wearing lightweight pants or shorts, a long-sleeved shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and running shoes or hiking boots. Adding a medium-weight jacket, gloves and a warm hat works well for winter tours, although you should wear pants instead of shorts. No matter when you take a Grand Canyon helicopter, bring water, salty snacks and sunblock.


Morning flights on Grand Canyon helicopters are extremely popular, so I urge you to book yours in advance. You’ll have more tours and more morning flight times from which to choose if you book early, and you’ll also find some great deals if you book your tour online. You won’t save any money by leaving it to the last minute. But booking your tour in Vegas or at the canyon is the worst thing you could do because you’ll almost always pay more than necessary.

By: → Keith Kravitz